Arithmetic in Date Variables

These variables:


also accept a syntax in which days or months can be added to or subtracted from the date, e.g.:

{weekdayname-7d} is the weekday name seven days ago,

{isodate+2d} is the date in ISO format two days in the future.

{monthname+3m} is the name of the month three months ahead,

You can also add or subtract working days, e.g.:

{datelong+5wd} is the date in five working days.

Note that {datelong+1wd} is not the next working day, but the date after a working day has passed.

It's a subtle distinction that only matters if the date falls on a weekend: Saturday + 1 working day is Tuesday.

To obtain the next working day, use the following syntax: {datelong+0wd}. To obtain the previous working day, use the following syntax: {datelong-0wd}

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