Butler time zone

Butler automatically detects your computer's time zone when you first authorize it, and sets this time zone as the default for your account.

The time zone is important in order to make sure scheduled commands run at the correct time, and also to set due dates and other dates correctly in your cards. For example, 9 a.m. in New York is 3 p.m. in Berlin (most of the time -- daylight savings time differences change this occasionally.)

When you use a computer with a different time zone as your default one, Butler will warn you and offer the option to update your time zone:

  • You may want to update your time zone if you are moving permanently to a new area, or if the default time zone was not correct because you authorized Butler while traveling.
  • You may not want to update your default time zone if you are just traveling and don't want your commands to run using the new time zone.

If you update your time zone, all your scheduled commands will be rescheduled and will run according to the new time zone.

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