Administrative Powers

The creator (main contact) of a Butler team account has administrative powers over other users' commands.

Administrative powers allow the administrator to view and edit other users' commands, including editing, enabling or disabling, viewing the command log, etc.


  • The Admin button doesn't appear in my Buttons tab. How can I administer my team's buttons?
    • The admin button only appears only in the Rules and Scheduled commands tabs, but not in the Buttons tab. Private buttons for a user cannot be edited by an administrator. Shared buttons can be viewed and deleted by an administrator.
  • Butler tells me that I don't have access to some users' commands in one of my boards.
    • Only users in the same Butler team account can be administered. If you invite to your board(s) someone from outside your Butler team account, you cannot access their commands (if they have any).
  • I have an individual Butler account but I am the Trello board or team administrator. Can I administer other user's commands on my board?
    • No, only Butler team accounts allow administrative powers.
  • Can I add more administrators to my account?
    • Contact us at to add more administrators to your account.
  • How can I tell if changes were made by an administrator instead of the original creator of the command?
    • The log tracks changes performed by the administrator:

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