Customizing the Trello user interface with Butler buttons

Butler allows you to customize the Trello user interface by adding buttons that perform functions defined by you.

  1. Select the tab for the type of button you want to create, a Card Button or a Board Button. A card button operates on the currently open card and can perform actions on that card. A board button appears at the top of the board and performs actions on groups of cards (e.g. sorting a list or copying all cards in a list).
  2. Click on Create a New Button. You will need to enter a title (label) for the button, and may optionally select an icon.
  3. Add an action from the actions listed below by clicking on the plusicon. You will need to fill in any parameters, such as a list name before doing so.
  4. You can add more actions to the button if you wish. The actions will be performed in order when the button is pressed.
  5. Save the button.

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